Hello 2021

Hi everyone in the World Wide Web, Bruski comes 😎. I am now a front-end developer in Fanlive web team of QQ Music, Tencent Music Entertainment (just 3 month so far).

Five years passed since I started to learn coding in college, however I still lack the habit to record notes, track my growth 😕. Yes I’ve build a blog with wordpress but the editor there is not that handy to write with Markdown syntax, and the PHP stuffs stop me from customizing my blog. Util I find the Ghost, I was attracted by its youthful design and spirit, i.e., the clean design with the relatively new technology stack with NodeJS which is kind to front-end developer like me :) So after hours for playing it on my server, I deployed my own website finally, hooray 🤪!

Oh 🧐, another big reason why I decided to repair my website is that I met an awesome guy called Airing in my current team. He always has the passion to explore new tech, insists on reading Philosophy and shares knowledge with other. And he is strong enough to carry a whole new project which may greatly improves our product. That’s what an ideal programmer should be, I guess 🤩. I wanna be like that, too. His blog is full of knowledge treasures and it’s the place where he could stay for learning, playing or taking a rest. So a flash comes to my mind that it’s time to build my own website!

So, to achieve any ambition, starts with writing. Btw it’s now 2021, which is my benmingnian in Chinese lunar calendar, or say the second cycle in my life. Good timing for making changes. Wish there is always a place to express myself 😌.